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Now known as the Feral Gale, the teen had already obtained a significant list of achievements in his new life that easily dwarfed what he had accomplished in his old one.

If you block him off completely, I can't let him out on occasion to get some fresh air."The elder male waved his hand lazily. I'm not a complete asshole after all.""No, you are.He was infamous among the higher deities of many if not all universes for, among other things, possessing the ability to end everything should he will it. His continued living is an insult to the actual gods of the multiverse as he, originally born a mundane human with no history or unique qualities of any sort, is now not only beyond their influence, but above it… He is also terrified of Chinese food, addicted to and experienced in various forms of sex, and enjoys slipping small pebbles into people's shoes when they aren't paying attention in his free time because he thinks it's funny.The other young man with him appeared to be in his mid teens and reached five and a half feet.This one in particular had the unique luck, for better or for worse, to catch the attention of the former male and was his apprentice.Despite his appearance, he was closer to being twenty than sixteen, however due to the situation when he met his master, he had been forced to go back through time to gain a second chance at the events in his life.

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