Online hiv dating tips

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So you need to be honest when confronted by problems.

As with many other partners who are dealing with chronic illness, having a relationship with an HIV-positive person means living with much uncertainty.

A lot of people have trouble valuing themselves after learning about their disease, but if you are able to accept it and move on past it, you will increase the chances of finding someone.In times when the person you love may have his/her episode of uncertainty and fear, be supportive by being a person he/she can talk with about these things.What to avoid when living with an HIV-positive person Don’t engage in unprotected sex. Even if both you are HIV-positive, you still need to practice safe sex to avoid reinjection.You can be re-infected with the STD, since your partner may have a different strain of the STD than you currently have.Therefore, always practice safe sex and this will build trust between you and your partner and will protect them from further risks of infection.

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