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Adding some color, Schouw management says that the inflow of project start-ups has not been as strong as previously expected.

But they do go on to say that "Xergi has a considerable active project portfolio, and although the timing of when these projects get final approval will depend on, among other things, the regulatory authorities and on financing commitments, Xergi expects to improve both revenue and earnings by a considerable margin in 2017." In March 2012, Denmark reached a historic energy agreement, setting a goal of 100% of energy from renewables by 2050.

It's clear that little by little, all states, regardless of the role fossil fuels play in their economy (such as Texas), are moving towards a cleaner energy future.

One of the more interesting things that turned up during my research came from the state of North Carolina.

While the bulk of projects have been in Denmark, France, the UK, and the US, their footprint is expanding.

They are owned 50-50 by topnotch Danish manufacturing conglomerate Schouw Co (OTC: SUWCF) and Dalgasgroup.

Government Support for US Biogas: A bit behind the Europeans, but definitely growing Here in the US, the explicit government supports for Wt E (and renewables in general) are not as robust, but it is clear we are moving in that direction.

The image below shows state level mandates or goals for renewables.

Denmark's Xergi: A Model For Blue Sphere Xergi is a Danish company that has been mainly designing and building (but sometimes assisting in operating) biogas plants for over 30 years.

He has visited plants that get only 50-70% of what was expected, though he added that most reach at least 50% within a few months.

The problem seems to be that the microbes used in AD are very picky.

It takes a lot of testing to find the right mix of temperature, organisms, and waste.

The low price of natural gas has also been a hardship that biogas operators have had to deal with recently.

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