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The puzzles in the game are mostly logical and fair but there were a few parts that had me going to the official site for the walkthrough they provide (a link to the site is provided in the readme text file that comes with the game).The erotic scenes for the most part revolve around different cosplay that are available as you progress, but a nice touch is that outside of the erotic scenes there are some cute couple moments as well.

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Most games slap a few pictures in with some blur and a lot of words and bam, sex scene. I knew the game thanks to the Nutaku site, I researched it and the company that made the game, and I decided to buy it.

A slut play through a virgin play through and everything in between.

Queen's legacy does a good job as well of making the sex real time.

All in all if you like escape room type games this is a decent buy.

An action RPG with a lot more to it than you'd think at first glance.

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