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[Read: The correlation of size according to the Kamasutra] #2 How many women have you slept with?The problem with this question is that you may not always get an honest answer. One, he doesn’t want to give too big a number for fear that you’ll think he’s some sort of womanizer.However, whatever it is that he wants to change about you, he probably won’t say what it is if you ask for fear that it will hurt you.He’s more likely to find a subtle way of helping you change that habit that drives him mad, and it’s not by telling you outright.If he says yes, you’ll probably dump him then and there! When you ask this question, you’re making the little clerk in his brain go to a dusty old cabinet in the back of his mind, pick out the files for his exes, and divulge whatever he can retrieve. You may probably already be able to deduce if he’s well off based on where he lives, how he carries himself and what kind of job he has. How much money a guy makes won’t be your business unless you’re either engaged or about to share your finances. If you ever want a guy to run the other way, this is the question that’s going to get the job done.You may just be looking to find out if any of them are potential threats, but he’ll probably tell you in his own time. A seemingly innocent question like this not only puts him on the spot, it’s practically forcing him to promise when he’ll walk down the aisle with you.#7 Do you think [name of your female friend] is hot?If you ask this, you’re just putting him on the spot!

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We always want to know things, especially if it’s about the guy we’re dating.

And two, he wouldn’t want to give too small a number for fear that you’ll start to wonder why he wasn’t able to sleep with more women. Not only does this sound accusing, but again, it’s hard to be honest with this question.

If you ask a guy this question, he’ll start to wonder why you asked. Is it because it looks like the kind of pad a womanizing bachelor would keep?

But making him choose just like that will lead to him justifying how much he loves his hobby and you berating him for choosing his hobby over you.

It’s a lose-lose situation that can only end in an argument.

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