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Tell me again who is to blame for any shame they may have felt? Our courts are designed to operate in a public, transparent fashion.

I’ve said it previously and I’ll repeat it here: if you are happy for anything less, that’s a dangerous attitude.

I remember John Lennon’s Happy Christmas (War Is Over) playing on the darkroom radio over and over that Christmas season.

Lennon’s tone matched my half mellow, half mad at the world mood at the time.

Dangerous to our society, dangerous to anyone who has to be involved in the court process, whether it be as a defendant, a witness or a crime victim.

And that’s a criteria that could fit any and/or all of us at some point in our lives.

So take your triple and your participation ribbon and be happy.

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So this mini-rant may come in a future Landmark Live episode. ****** As you’ll see inside this issue, the three-person disciplinary panel consisting of two lawyers and one lay person have recommended the lowest of discipline against Platte County Prosecutor Eric Zahnd for allegedly trying to “publicly shame” writers who sent letters in support of leniency for a confessed child molester. Some high profile members of the Dearborn community wrote letters to a judge seeking leniency for a confessed child molester who also happened to be a high profile member of the Dearborn community.

Their efforts became public in the interest of transparency and in the interest of sending important messages--a message such as showing that prominent folks won’t get special treatment in our courts, a message that creates a deterrent for other would-be child molesters, a message that encourages other sex crime victims to step forward.

Those messages were outlined by Zahnd in his defense testimony. Tell me again who forced them to write those letters?

For Zahnd: Look Eric, this recommendation isn’t a home run for you but it’s a triple.

If we gave you a homer the OCDC would be pissed off at us.

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